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The Techen Holdings is the investment and management headquarter of the Techen Group, which consists of the Strategy, College, Human Resource, Finance, Legal, Intellectual Property, Procedure & IT, and other functional departments.


There are seven main business branches of the Techen Group: iTechene Technologies, iTechome Technologies, Yuanqi Intelligent, ZhengFangYuanXin Public Health Testing, Techen Power, Qicheng Children's Robot and Hongtai Capital.


iTechene Technologies
iTechene Technologies was founded in 2005, with the registered capital of 105,000,000 yuan. The company specializes in the product research & development, production, sales & service in the field of intelligent electricity, intelligent power distribution, new energy, intelligent charging and energy efficiency management.


Techen Power
Techen Power’s business mainly lies in the distributed photovoltaic power generation, construction of the power distribution in the industrial park, electricity purchasing and sales, and value added energy. It has already founded the branches in Qingdao, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other cities.


iTechome Technologies
Based on the needs of home appliance control, with technologies of IR, RF, Automatic Speech Recognition, the company specializes in the product design, production and service solution in the field of main control panel, remote control and wireless module. The main products include remote control, wired controller, control panel and injection molding.

Yuanqi Intelligent
Yuanqi Intelligent has branches in Qingdao and Shenzhen, specialized in industrial robot, intelligent manufacturing system, automatic guided vehicle and the research, development, sales of the machine vision technology and products.


ZhengFangYuanXin Public Health Testing
ZhengFangYuanXin is the public testing company approved by the CNCA (including CMA & CMAF), which has the qualification of food physical and chemical testing, biological detection, public hygienical evaluation, drinking water testing, with more than 50,000 testing items.
Qicheng Children's Robot
Qicheng focuses on the design, research, development, sales and service of the children's intelligent robots, toys and smart houseware. Its products mainly include Thomas story teller, Thomas WeChat voice interactive story teller, Thomas beach toys, Thomas smart closestool, as well as its self-own brand of Qulead.


Hongtai Capital
Hongtai Capital focuses on the angel investment in the area of the TMT, medical treatment and health, intelligent robot, high-tech materials and so on.


Mission & Interpretation
Benefit the society, provide competitive products & service, being respected as the industry leader, achieve the common development of the company & the staff.

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